This is How We Roll

Andrea breaking in her underquilt.

I must say it has been an interesting week. Monday morning I had my #19 molar pulled out of my mouth. The sound of cracking teeth is right up there with the nails scratching on a chalk board. Neither sound you should ever have to hear in your lifwtime. I’m just saying… Afterwards, I met Andrea at work to talk to our coworkers at Minnesota Discovery Center about our hike and have a pie social as our send off. We then headed home. Me to rest my sore mouth and Andrea to prepare for the trail by cleaning or sleeping, I’m not sure which.

So on Tuesday, I began my day laying on the couch and Andrea had a nanny job, which she told me later, that her and the baby sacked out most of the day.

In the evening our 3rd hiking partner, Andrew came out for supper and last minute trip planning. Packs were weighed pre-food and water. Andrew’s-20, Andrea-15, and mine 22. We are ready and raring to go.


Wednesday morning I woke up to snow flakes drifting down from the sky. We were about to get our first snowstorm of 2016. Another day was mostly spent on the couch, as all schools and even our place of employment were shut down for the day. Andrea also spent most of the morning sleeping.


By evening, my jaw was in significant pain. I realized that I hadn’t been rinsing my mouth with the right mix of salt and baking soda. Ugh! Pays to read all instructions. I got right on the right mix and the pain has lessoned. Whew. Considering I am allergic to most antibiotics.

It would be great to say we are physically ready for the demands of the trail. But as you can see by the picture at the top of this post of Andrea breaking in her underquilt, that would just be a lie. I guess we will just have to take our time getting up our miles in the beginning of our hike, because…that’s how we roll.



One thought on “This is How We Roll

  1. Good luck! You Aubin ladies are the most adventurous , hard core women I know! And how about Kevin! Training for a marathon! Tom, tender of the family! You are all amazing! Love you all! Be safe, tighten those boots!


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