Quick note from Andrea

image Today was my last day having to go to my job. Not just one job one of the 3 I had been working. Yay! Now I’m all done with the work part. Right now I’m loading up an iPod shuffle so I have some tunes when I want to drown out nature or my own thoughts or whatever other reason. All I have left to do now before we head out Wednesday morning is clean my room. Ugh. It was pretty well clean until I sold my car ( crying face emoji ) and emptying out my car fill the floor of my room back up. I had everything in there from floaties for at the lake to roller blades, snow shoes, blankets, mittens, a few jackets for each season along with three bags of who knows what else. Plus 5 pairs of footwear! So yeah my room is a pig pen again ( as usual ). So just clean my room and cuddle the shit ( yes I swear and will be swearing throughout my posts ) out of my kids ( pets ). And see a few friends… Yeah then I’ll be ready to go. ( nervous face emoji )




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