1 Month from Stepping on the Trail

It is hard to believe that Andrea a I are only 32 days from stepping on to the Appalachian Trail. For me, comes the worries of a weak ankle. For Andrea, all the fears of being new to the trail. I could try to explain to her what the AT (Appalachian Trail) is like, but I don’t think that I could do justice. The trail is just something each individual needs to experience for once self. I didn’t want the trail to keep calling my name, but somehow it does. So, it is with much excitement and also fear that we look forward to plant our feet on the AT.

I have been busy drying food for mail drop resupplies. My gear has remained the same. Andrea is going this weekend to St.Paul, MN to look for a slightly larger liter backpack. Her other backpack could probably work during the summer, but we still might have some cool days in the beginning of April.

We will be sharing this blog, so sometimes Andrea will be writing and sometimes I will be. You will always know who as we will sign out trail names at the end.  I received my name from my family before I left for the AT in March of 2015. Andrea will be receiving her trail name on the trail.

For those new to the terminology of the AT, we will try to explain as we go. We will be NOBO (North Bound) and starting from Hot Springs NC. we may do a Flipflop, or we may just turn around from Katahdin to walk 2000 miles. The decision is 5 months away and to early to make. We hope you enjoy our journey and all of our adventures to come.

We named out blog “Beyond the Range”, because we live in Minnesota at a place called the Iron Range. Iron mining and then taconite mining are a way of life, but there is always room for adventure beyond the Iron Range!

Sookie and Andrea



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