Embrace the Gap

Like all children, I lost baby teeth and grew adult ones. I thought that my two front top teeth would continue to grow until the gap between them would just fill in. It didn’t happen. I also noticed, that my Dad’s teeth were the same as mine. I tried everything I could to try to get rid of that gap. I tried braces, an operation to remove the gum between the teeth and ultimately but unsuccessfully, I had the dentist drill a hole in the side of each tooth and put a filling that matched the color of my teeth and connected them together. That last attempt would break every time I used a spoon and accidentally hit one tooth. Snap! Separation, ugh!

Eventually, I gave up. I could accept my teeth the way they are or let the comments I hear, even now, become an upward climb.Recently, a little girl smiled at me and I smiled at her. Then, she asked me how I lost my tooth. I was about to answer her when her father said, “Shhhh, that’s not nice.” The girl looked confused at her father and then concerned at me. I shrugged and went on my way smiling. Then my dad asked me 3 weeks ago, “Why don’t you get a tooth put in your mouth?” I just answered him, “Well, I inherited your teeth.”

I suppose you are all wondering why I am talking about teeth, when this blog is about the Appalachian Trail?Well, it’s the gaps. Without those gaps in the mountains, we wouldn’t know about high points or low points. And, if we filled in all those gaps, we would just be hiking on very flat monotonous land and what would be the fun in that?

So, as I hike past Deep Gap, Low Gap and Unnamed Gap, I have the biggest smile and the hiker going past smiles back because we are both embracing the gap. What a glorious day!


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Gap

  1. So true, about gaps and highs and lows. You expressed it beautifully. Your thoughts on this are something I have also embraced, but there is really not much to drive the point home like taking an extended hike where hygiene get thrown out the window, and away from all of ‘the mess’ when civilized society takes hold of your life.

    …and about the gap in your teeth…you are beautiful. I love genuine people who are not afraid to let people see who they really are, and there really is nothing more beautiful than someone who is secure in who they are and who doesn’t care what other’s think about them. This is one of the things I came to terms with when I let my gray grow in at an early age. It was so liberating. I felt as though I wasn’t hiding anything, anymore.

    So you GO, girl! You are amazing, and I’m loving following your adventure. The pics are beautiful!

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