SOBO, NOBO or Flip Flop: Who Care’s, I Just Want Some Cookies!

Some hikers are south bound (SOBO). Some hikers are north bound (NOBO). Some hikers start in one location and hike either south or north and then shuttle back to their starting point and hike the opposite direction. It really doesn’t matter. It’s all about personal preference. In the grand scheme, it’s all about the cookies.

Food, it’s on every hikers mind. How much to carry? How many calories? Can I count on trail magic or stores along the way so that I can carry less food?

Every hiker in the beginning, always carries more food than they will eat. I carried more food than I needed all of 2016.

My last night on the trail, I finally got it right. I had 1 breakfast left. Trouble with that, a mouse the last night just couldn’t leave my food bag alone. I guess he wanted my oatmeal more than I did. I tried to get him off my bag twice during the night, but exhaustion took me. I woke in the morning to the telltale hole in my food bag. Oatmeal gone, but at least I had my coffee.

I would have to wait till Abol Bridge to get my husband Tom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Reminiscing from Grayson Highlands 2019


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