40 days

Well it’s been about 40 days I believe. 40 days since we started. It has seriously been the hardest thing I have done ever. Everyday there is a new pain somewhere in my body. My big toe on my left foot has been numb for weeks and I have a constant burning like someone has a lighter to the right side of my neck that sometimes causes my right arm to twitch and go numb. Fun times. Haha.

The views that we come across are crazy ( see above photo ) I can’t seem to get pictures to be where I want them so that’s why they are all at the top.

What else can I talk about??? Umm well the places we have stayed have been very interesting. We are at the Big Walker Motel today and it is by far the nicest and cleanest place. The last place we stayed was by far the worst. The water lines were outside the walls and there was black mold everywhere and it smelt like raunchy moldy towels that had sat in dirty swamp water for month. When you took a shower the hot water made such a high pitch sound that if you were in the from not showering you had to leave. I thought my poor ears were going to bleed. There also was a pile of trash that looked like it use to be some kind of building in the front yard that a bunch of cats were living in. I watched one of the owners of the place go and throw out something for the kitties to eat and slowly a few of them came and ate whatever it was. I felt like I was seriously staying at the Bates Motel. ( again see above photo ) it was nasty. Never ever stay at the Relax Inn in Atkins. Sleep in your car.

What else, what else …. Well I miss being home that’s for sure. I miss being a bum, watching tv in bed with Chase and snuggling with Kitty and getting kisses from Dais and Teeka. I miss my ultra comfy bed but I have to say that my hammock kicks ass and I sleep very well in it when I finally crawl into it at night. I have Amber to thank for reminding me that all those things will be there when I get back tho. Thank you Amber!!! I miss you too!!  And am proud of you for doing so good in school!! You’re amazing. I also have to thank Chase who is the best support. Rooting me on everyday. It’s great when I get cell service and have messages from him telling me how proud he is of me. Thank you Chase, I miss and love you! And last but not least… DAD!! Thank you for the huge box of just cookies and all the work you’re doing to send us food  I just finished a bag of crumbs that was left of the cookies yesterday  yes I shared but I also hoarded some. Haha thanks Dad!! Also thank you for taking care of my 3 babies, I hope they are behaving themselves.

I guess that’s all I have. Sorry it took me so long to write something but believe it or not I’ve been busy!! Haha it’s a lot of work backpacking across the mountains!! Much more than I ever thought it would be. I think I’m doing good tho, hiked a 19.2 mile day and 14 miles day with out dropping dead so go me! Haha well I’m off to wash the raunch stank off my cloths, campfire and BO create and interesting brew of smells. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “40 days

  1. Hi you two. Vicky from Virginia. I am back home. Didn’t go quite as far as I wanted. There’s a story to it. Anyway, when I read about your neck pain, I have had that. Check your shoulder straps and make sure they are not pulling on your neck. It takes a bit of adjustment. Once you get them right it should stop. Take care and keep posting. I am enjoying read them. 😀


  2. This is Papa Al hiked with your mom Sookie last year. Your report report gave me a good chuckle. How can you not enjoy the Relax inn, just put your ground cloth on the bed before you lay down. It will seem like your on the trail forever, but once done you will wonder where the time went. Enjoy your hike, wish I was there.


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