Seriously now. WTH was I thinking!?!?!!!!

I didn’t even get to have a drink of water and we were off hiking. It was 23 degrees on my little thermometer. I had been warm and comfortable in my hammock when my mom called me out to pack up and get going since everyone else was frozen little Popsicles. We would have breakfast when “we” and Mother Nature warmed up a bit I was told. It wasn’t long into the hike when we had caught up to Lambo who was waiting for us in a sunny spot when I threw my hiking poles down and pack to the ground and flopped down next to them and started screaming and my mom and Lambo about how crazy they were to be doing this and enjoying it. I literally threw a fit like a 2 year old with adult language involved. So far I’m thinking this is stupid but, I’m not quitting.

We are in Erwin now, Dad (the greatest man in the world) picked us up yesterday off the trail so I could doctor up my poor feet. Today we went and picked up new boots for me since mine are to small. It feels as if someone has replaced my lower half with Lego man legs and my feet and toes have turned into plump uncooked sausages. And when I’m not moving I have shin splints ( lovely ). Spirit says I’m laughing all the time tho so it’s not as terrible as I may make it seem (*cough* bullshit *cough*).


5 thoughts on “Seriously now. WTH was I thinking!?!?!!!!

  1. What a great experience for you to share with your mother!! When it gets tough out there just stop for a moment and just breath, breath the fresh air and think about how far you have come and you will find the strength to go on!! May the force be with you!!

    Happy trails,


  2. I’m Leslie’s Aunt Lea… I believe you have just become my favorite almost relative in law!! Rock On My Girl!! You Got This! What an excellent adventure that most of us only get to dream about….. you will get to share with your someday descendants…. way Cool


  3. Beautiful. ..keep goin. I’m cheering you and your mom on. One day you will be ever was grateful with these, ” Mom memories ” love you both.

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