The Adventures of Yuri and His Earthling

Why oh why did I mail myself back to my earthling Sookie?

Yuri returns to Minnesota from Hot Springs, NC

I must have been bonkers! The last week has been filled with bear threats, snakes and bad weather.

The highlight of the hike so far is when I  came across Lilly hanging in a shelter.

Lilly lost and alone.

She looked so sad and alone. I had to convince Sookie that Lilly weighed just an ounce at most. Sookie just shook her head but agreed to carry the extra weight.

A few more ounces.

Lilly and I hit it off immediately. Dismal Falls didn’t seem so dismal to me.

New pals.

One evening Sookie put Lilly in the tent and forgot me on her backpack.

Sookie, I think you forgot someone.

I fixed that though before the sun set.


Then one day as we were heading up another mountain, Sookie pulled over to let a hiker pass us. As this hiker went by, he stated, “That’s not your bunny is it.” I looked over at Lilly and I  knew it was over. The last I saw of Lilly she was heading north with her earthling, Fried Pickles.

Lilly and Fried Pickles

Sookie felt so bad for me that she gave me a pan pipe that she found in another shelter.

No body knows the trouble I've seen.

Spirit though it might be a good idea to teach us how to sing rounds.

"Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose.

Neither Sookie or I was having any of that. All I could do was think of Lilly and play the blues.

"Play another Yuri."

I have met a few nomads on the trail. There was Helmet.

Waiting for Helmet to show up.

Then there was Spot.

Spot goofing around.

And last but not least, there was Ribbit.

Ribbit looking for some shade.

Sookie and I are moving up the trail. This week we had an 18 mile day, hit 500 miles so far this trek and saw lots of great views.


We will keep you posted as we continue NOBO. Waynesboro, VA here we come!

Sookie and Yuri NOBO or Bust.

3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Yuri and His Earthling

  1. Jill, I have subscribed and put up 2 posts to encourage you. They don’t show up , So by chance you do see this. I have tried!!!


  2. Yuri looked close to having a Frog in his throat! BTW I tried to post a long encouragement memo to you from the last blog. It never showed up.
    I look forward to further adventures! You are doing something most of us can only dream about. You have come so far already!!! When things get tough , think back to our youth and camping in the playhouse telling ghost stories.


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